Advanced Phototherapy

How it Works

Reduces Pain

Generates energy that stimulates vasodilation, tissue oxygenation, and the body’s natural analgesic mechanisms resulting in pain reduction.

Reduces Recovery Time

Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections; part of the healing process of wounds or inflamed tissue.

Reduces Inflammation

Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove waste products and cellular debris from the treated area.

Increases Circulation Energy

Accelerates energy production at the cellular level by activating the cell’s power plants (mitochondrial) to increase production of ATP (ATP is the main source of energy for cellular processes).

Increases Tissue Strength

Stimulates collagen synthesis and fibroblast activity for increased tissue strength. Studies show that injured tissue treated with infrared light are much stronger after recovery than with natural healing alone.

Increases Circulation

Causes increased production of nitric oxide (NO) which creates a non-thermal vasodilation (increase of blood flow) of capillaries in the treatment area.

The Technology

Our patented, FDA approved LightMD system is noninvasive and stimulates the body’s natural healing process using flexible polymeric pads containing hundreds of dozens of super luminous diodes (SLDs).  No other device, laser or LED, provides  higher or denser output than our SLD system. Unlike current laser systems, which are limited to single wavelengths of light, our system provides the full spectrum from red through near infrared.  This allows us to target parts of the body with wavelengths of light to which it best responds.

Many of today’s light therapy devices on the market offer light at a single wavelength – a one-size-fits-all approach, which as we know just doesn’t work for everyone. With our highly programmable system,we are able to program our phototherapy device to target different tissues, muscles, and other body parts using different wave lengths of light. The various wavelengths used are designed to penetrate your body’s layers with a non-invasive deep healing treatment where it is needed. Our device was FDA approved in 2015. #142256

The Science

Researchers state that, apart from the molecular interaction on a biochemical basis, the factors of information and energy also play an extremely important role for the body to function properly. Not only is the biochemical component necessary, but also the biophysical component is a critical component to treat an illness most effectively.

According to quantum theory, light consists of light bundles; photons which are absorbed by the skin and spread in the body. Professor Dr. F.A. Popp’s accepted theory is that cells communicate with other cells by means of bio photons. The radiated photons are absorbed by the skin, multiply in the body and spread everywhere. They affect the brain, the nervous system and the spinal cord. Among the hormones that the protons promote are endorphins and serotonin.

Since there is no life possible without light, diminished light affects the cells. In order to regenerate these weakened cells they must be stimulated by supplying light in the form of photons. Through the use of phototherapy, many metabolic processes are activated. Damaged cells can be repaired, wounds healed and connective tissue can be generated

BioLight Therapy