Most frequently questions and answers

Please call 408-333-9821 for a Complimentary Appointment today! You can also email us at info@biolighttherapy.net or book your appointments online right here at www.biolighttherapy.net

Your first session will be about 1 hour. This allows time for us to discuss your condition and determine treatment. Thereafter your treatment will take 20 minutes, so please allow 30 minutes for your appointment.

If you have questions about any of our therapeutic services, please contact us at: 408-333-9821

Your first session is complimentary so you can make sure they work for you. Depending on where you wish to be treated, we can treat 2 areas at a time. From there, we will determine your treatment plan.

OurLightMD Phototherapy system is FDA-approve, non-invasive, and research indicates it is safe to use anywhere on the body.

Results from phototherapy may vary from person to person. Ten to twelve treatments applied twice a week are suggested to achieve noticeable results.  Some individuals get relief after 8 sessions.

We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. For a knee injury, we ask that you wear a pair of shorts, or pants that you can roll up, so we can treat your knee/s without interference from your clothing. For shoulder/s, a tank top or camisole is a good fit. For a back injury, loose shorts work best. The phototherapy pads are applied directly to the problem area so please wear clothing that allows us to comfortably treat that area.

We will discuss this before and after your session. Depending on the area treated, we ask that you consider activities that may exacerbate the problem area.

Yes, our payment system accepts all major cards.

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral before receiving treatments at our facility.  However, any information you can provide regarding your condition will be helpful.

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