We offer light therapy at our Prunedale clinic or In-house mobile light therapy in the comfort of your home. Schedule your complimentary appointment today and stop suffering from chronic pain!
Eliminate the pain with light therapy. BioLight Therapy is FDA-approved using natural ways to promote healing and control pain
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Stop living with chronic pain! Here are some BIOLIGHT Therapy success stories and how our treatment has changed lives.
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Advanced Phototherapy

Photolight therapy produces a cascade of cellular activity and dramatically increases metabolism which drives the appropriate healing response and reduces recovery time.

Our patented, FDA approved LightMD™ system is noninvasive and stimulates the body’s natural healing process using flexible polymeric pads containing hundreds of dozens of super luminous diodes (SLDs).

Researchers state that, apart from the molecular interaction on a biochemical basis, the factors of information and energy also play an extremely important role for the body to function properly.

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Our Light Therapy treatments stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and help:

  • Relieve pain: neck, back and joints
  • Recover from sprains and strains
  • Relieve arthritis stiffness and pain
  • Relief from neuropathy pain
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Relieve muscle spasms, cramps, aches & soreness

Studies by NASA found that light therapy helped ease pain experienced by cancer patients’ who were getting treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Light therapy is used by astronauts aboard Space Shuttles to help prevent bone and muscle atrophy and to increase wound healing to unexpected injuries that may occur.

Scientifically Proven

In over 25000 studies & clinical trials, infrared (IR) photo biostimulation has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits. See the Research

Success Stories

The BIOLIGHT Therapy Team

Our team, headed by clinical staff and health information technology specialists, works directly with the founders of the the LightMD® system and accepts patients in Prunedale and Carmel, CA. Marketed under LightMD® our phototherapy system was developed by Daniel Schell, an electrical engineer and pioneer of LED phototherapy systems and therapeutic strategies and his Partner Richard Williams of Applied BioPhonetic LTD.

Mr. Richard Williams

Mr. Williams, is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, pioneer of LED drive electronics (including LED camera flash, LED backlit HDTV’s, LED power electronics) semiconductor device physicist, nanotechnologist and molecular biologist, and former Nasdaq-listed public company CEO.

Dr. David Cahn, M.D.

Our Medical Director, Dr. David Cahn, M.D. Doctor of Internal Medicine with O’Connor Hospital and Hamilton Medical Group, is a 27-year healthcare veteran and expert in the use of phototherapy.

Dr. Joe Leahy, D.C.

Dr. Joe Leahy, D.C. with Chase Clinic, utilizes phototherapy with his clients, the San Francisco 49ers, olympic athletes and other professional teams. He teaches ART at medical schools in China and Europe. He is a valuable resource to BIOLIGHT Therapy in our efforts to provide multidisciplinary treatment approaches for the benefit of our patients.

Rachel G. Huveldt, RN MPA

A certified medical compliance officer specializing in HIPAA privacy and security compliance, Rachel G. Huveldt, RN MPA directs our patient care services.  She brings 25 years experience working with healthcare organizations at executive and clinical staff levels with in-depth knowledge and understanding of acute care hospital and ambulatory clinic operations.

BioLight Therapy