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Crowdfunding with CoCoPay

Offering crowdfunding for light therapy treatments presents an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap where insurance might not cover holistic healthcare. Our commitment to partnering with a reputable company aims to empower individuals dealing with chronic medical conditions to access comprehensive care.

This initiative showcases our dedication to making alternative treatments like light therapy more attainable for those in need. By rallying support from the community, we’re not just providing financial assistance but also fostering a collective understanding of holistic healthcare’s significance in managing chronic conditions.

It’s a proactive step toward creating avenues for individuals to explore and benefit from holistic approaches to well-being, aligning with our mission to ensure holistic health solutions are within reach for everyone.


Why Crowdfund for Medical Expenses?

When people are faced with a sudden medical hardship, they’re often left wondering how to pay for expensive medical treatments and how to avoid medical bankruptcy. People use medical fundraising to raise money for a wide variety of medical-related expenses, and crowdfunding can ease financial stress and allow you to focus on healing.
  • Medical crowdfunding helps spread your story among your family, friends, their friends, and even strangers who want to support you during a difficult time.
  • When you don’t know how to get financial help for out of pocket medical expenses, crowdfunding makes it simple.
  • Crowdfunding can get you the funds you need fast when you’re facing mounting medical bills. You can begin withdrawing funds as soon as you start receiving donations.
  • Crowdfunding can help spread awareness about certain medical conditions and the healthcare system.


Discover the Benefits of CoCoPay

Start raising funds immediately for urgent, acute or chronic healthcare needs. With CoCoPay, you can do it fast, reliably and securely.

CoCoPay’s mission is to reimagine healthcare financing and help healthcare providers, patients and their communities collaborate to increase access to quality healthcare.


A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare

Follow these four easy steps to set your medical crowdfunding campaign up and optimize for maximum success. Consider asking a loved one to help you write and manage this campaign while you focus on your health!


Start Your Free Crowdfunding Campaign

Launch your medical fundraiser in minutes via our intuitive 5-step guided campaign creator. Their guided step-by-step campaign creator will simplify the process of campaign setup and launch. Add your story and details, connect with your payment provider (PayPal or Stripe), set your deadline and goal, and launch!
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