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Light Therapy Success Stories

JB — Carmel, CA
Broken Hip with Hip Replacement
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I am 80 years old and fell and broke my left hip and a hip replacement. Prior to my hip replacement, I was able to dance and was quite active. 4 months after surgery I had to use a walker and my mobility was limited. After a series of light therapy treatments, my mobility has greatly improved and I no longer need my walker. My goal is to be able to dance again.
J — Prescott, AZ
Long Covid
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After battling Covid twice, I sought relief from "Long Covid" symptoms. Before light therapy, fatigue was overwhelming, sleep was elusive, and energy drinks were a crutch. Rachel introduced me to Light Therapy, customizing sessions to my needs. Soon, colors seemed brighter, I felt calmer, and my heart rate stabilized. My chest felt lighter, breathing eased, and chronic discomfort vanished. Even my tinnitus lessened, letting me ditch the white noise machine. Light therapy lifted brain fog, restored focus, and slashed fatigue. No more energy drinks or sleep aids—I've regained my life.
LAW — Tucson, AZ
Gut Issues
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Since the mid-1980s, I've struggled with stomach and gut issues, diagnosed with conditions like IBS and GERD. Despite trying countless treatments and diets, nothing brought lasting relief. Then, in July 2021, I found Rachel Huveldt and BioLight Therapy. After just a week of sessions, I experienced a miracle—pain-free, regular bowel movements, and no upset stomach after eating. Finally, a comfortable and effective solution without invasive procedures or restrictive diets. BioLight Therapy will be my first choice for any future issues. No more endless referrals with no results. It's worth paying out of pocket for real results. The medical profession should embrace innovative approaches like this instead of relying on outdated methods.
JY — Danville, CA
Knee Pain
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Great news! After Light Therapy treatments, my knee pain went from a pain level of 7 to zero! Even on a flight to Hawaii, I had no trouble standing up. No more morning struggles either. Thanks! profession should embrace innovative approaches like this instead of relying on outdated methods.
EL — Salinas, CA
Knee Pain
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I injured my knees during a tough workout, leaving me unable to run, squat, or enjoy activities like hiking and going out with friends. But after several sessions, I can wear heels, go dancing, and even run and squat without regular pain. This weekend, I went wakeboarding, feeling sore everywhere except my knees!
KE — United Kingdom
Total Knee Replacement
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Just four weeks post knee replacement, my knee was swollen, inflamed, and painful, needing icing every two hours. But after just two treatments, the pain reduced significantly. After eight more sessions, swelling vanished, and I could walk with minimal pain, off my meds. Five weeks post last treatment, I'm pain-free, walking comfortably.
LM — Phoenix, AZ
Back Pain Neuropathy
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Since a 2006 scuba diving back injury, my right foot issues persisted, even needing a cane. Severe neuropathy plagued me until 2016 when six treatments changed everything. Now, I climb, run, and tackle stairs with ease.
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