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Tap Into Your Body's Innate Healing Capacity

Rachel G. Huveldt, the founder of BIOLight Therapy, experienced light therapy’s application and recognized it as the key to a holistic approach to healing. Her realization came from witnessing the transformative and therapeutic effects of light therapy (officially called Photobiomodulation – PBM), inspiring her to establish BIOLight Therapy to harness this modality for holistic well-being.

Light therapy has evolved from its early applications in musculoskeletal pain to becoming a versatile treatment for a wide range of chronic conditions. It’s holistic approach to healthcare has gained prominence with Functional Medicine and light therapy’s non-invasive, drug-free nature aligns well with this philosophy. In recent years, light therapy has gained wider recognition and acceptance within the medical community.

Today, light therapy is used to manage a broad spectrum of chronic conditions due to its versatile treatment modality thus reflecting its growing importance in the field of healthcare. Researchers and practitioners continue to explore its potential for an even wider range of chronic conditions, making it an exciting area of ongoing development in modern medicine.


A Healthier, More Balanced Life

Our services are dedicated to safe and effective use of light therapy, aimed at enhancing your overall well-being. Light therapy facilitates the body’s natural healing process by promoting circulation, reducing inflammation, and alleviating pain. This therapeutic approach operates at the cellular level, stimulating repair.

Experience the Power of Light.


Start Your Wellness Journey

Step 1

Call Us
Take the first step towards healing and well-being by scheduling your first appointment with BIOLight Therapy.

Step 2

Initial Consult
During your complimentary consultation and Light Therapy session, we will discuss your unique health concerns and challenges.

Step 3

12 Sessions
The number of Light Therapy sessions depends on the situation you aim to address. We provide one-hour sessions twice a week.

Step 4

At Home Therapy
We will assess your specific needs and health goals to determine if a home-based Light Therapy solution is suitable for you.


Success Stories

“I had felt like I wasn’t able to think straight and for the first time in a while I was starting to feel like I was able to focus and feel “normal”. My fatigue was better.”

Joy T. Satisfied Patient
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