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Mold Toxicity


Experiencing Mold Toxicity Symptoms?

Mold toxicity produces an immune reaction, and inflammatory response with symptoms that are vague are difficult to diagnose. Symptoms are vague, broad, and very hard to pin down such as:

Is Toxic Mold Behind Your Symptoms?

Mycotoxins, unleashed by mold, lurk in homes, offices, cars, and food, posing a hidden health threat. Mimicking various conditions, mold toxicity often goes undetected, challenging doctors in diagnosis.

Symptoms include allergies, congestion, rashes, headaches, and fatigue. Recognize and act to protect yourself and loved ones.

Early detection and addressing mold in your environment create a healthier, safer space, saving you from costly bills and long-term issues. Don’t ignore warning signs – empower yourself with knowledge and take action for a mold-free, healthier living. Your health deserves nothing less. Act now!

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How Do I Know If I Have Mold Toxicity?

Mold toxicity stems from unaddressed moisture issues in homes and buildings, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold after water damage.

Persistent damp conditions allow mold spores to flourish, posing health risks when inhaled or ingested. Timely water damage remediation and mold prevention are crucial.

For severe mold problems beyond DIY measures, seek guidance from an environmental professional or mold remediation specialist to assess and address the situation effectively.

If experiencing health issues, consult a healthcare professional for assessment, tests, and appropriate treatment.

Prioritize a healthy living or working environment through proactive mold prevention and timely interventions.

How Can Detoxification Help?

Mold Specialists provide guidance to eliminate mycotoxins from your body, dietary adjustments, supplements, and tailored treatments. Our detoxification coordinated process includes:

  1. Identification and removal of the mold source
  2. Lab tests to confirm and identify mycotoxin presence
  3. Healthcare-prescribed binders and supplements for mycotoxin excretion
  4. Dietary modifications to reduce mycotoxin intake
  5. Adequate hydration to support natural detoxification
  6. Anti-inflammatory diet for nutritional balance
  7. Light therapy to stimulate the activity of immune cells and eliminate pathogens that create an autoimmune disorder
  8. Rest and stress management for comprehensive well-being during the detoxification process
  9. Sleep and rest

Coordinate your recovery with with our mold toxicity experts:

  • Disaster Restoration Service
    Mold testing & removal offering services o cross-section of industries.
    Offer: Comparison testing & removal estimates side by side without having to call multiple testing & removal pros yourself.
  • Naturopath Mold Detoxification Program
    Comprehensive consultation to determine health concerns, other possible diagnoses, lifestyle factors, diet, stress and support needs before deciding on unique treatment plan
    -Lab tests
    -Detoxification process
    -Dietary consideration
  • Light Therapy Treatment
    Series of Light Therapy treatments that boost overall well-being, accelerates the body’s natural healing process, promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, and alleviatse pain.
  • Mold Removal Equipment
    Mold removal ultraviolet technology for deodorizing infected space while sterilizing mold, mildew and bacterium.

Call for a complimentary consultation that includes a light therapy session.

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