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Chronic Disorders

Chronic Disorders

Make Your Chronic Disorder a Thing of the Past

We treat a wide range of chronic conditions. Whether it’s the persistent symptoms of long Covid, the often-overlooked challenges of Mold Toxicity symptoms, the complexities of neurological disorders, the life-altering impact of organ disfunction, or the discomfort of gastrointestinal disorders, we have consistently helped individuals return to a healthier more balanced life.

Our innovative and personalized treatments are tailored to each patient, addressing the unique aspects of their condition and health goals. Our FDA approved medical device is designed to treat complex chronic disorders. Our commitment to holistic care and in coordination with holistic providers, we are leading the way in transforming lives and offering hope to those grappling with chronic health challenges. Join us in experiencing a new era of healthcare, where success stories are not just a possibility but a reality.

Potential Benefits for Chronic Disorders

Light therapy, particularly in the form of red or near-infrared light therapy, has shown potential benefits by relieving the symptoms of chronic disorders. While research is ongoing, and not all findings are conclusive, here is a list of chronic disorders and how light therapy may potentially offer therapeutic effects:
While light therapy shows promise, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and its effectiveness can vary among individuals. Before incorporating light therapy into a treatment plan, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professionals to ensure its appropriateness for their specific condition.
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